Guy Enters Office With A Bamboo Stick, Assaults Boss After Being Removed From WhatsApp Group

Not just our generation, but many people from both older and younger generations couldn’t stand their boss. Lucky are those who get to work under people who are inspiring and willing to take responsibility for their subordinates. The rest are often trampled under immense pressure to perform better. They often imagine themselves getting back at their bosses, but let’s be real – showing your anger towards your boss can have dire circumstances.

However, a guy named Satyam Shingvi physically assaulted his boss and broke his iPhone after he was removed from the office WhatsApp group. According to Moneycontrol, this incident happened at the Insta Go. Private Limited office on Old Mundhwa Road in Chandan Nagar, Pune.

Representational image

It has been reported that several customers had filed complaints against Shingvi for his erratic behavior. Despite being given warnings, there was no change in his behavior. So, the company owner Amol Seshrao Dhoble had to remove him from the office WhatsApp group.

Following this, Shingvi confronted his boss and asked for an explanation. He entered his office with a bamboo stick, assaulted him and even broke his iPhone. A police case has been filed against him under 4 different sections of the IPC.

No matter how angry you get at somebody, being physically and verbally violent is never the solution!

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