A Guy Re-Imagined “Game Of Thrones” Characters As Indians, And It’s Brilliant

Those rumors of Game of Thrones being remade in India have finally come to rest, but what’s the harm in using a little imagination anyway, right?

Vishal Dutt, a graphic designer based in New Delhi,¬†decided to put his imagination to good use after hearing the news, and made an Indian version of it, calling it ‘Kkhel Thrones Ka’. Let’s just say that his vision was bloody fantastic.

1. Arya Stark



2. Khal Drogo



3. Varys



4. Oberyn Martell



5. Daenerys Targaryen



6. Cateyln and Eddard Stark



7. And finally, Tyrion Lannister


Dear Vishal Dutt, we’d love to see more characters imagined the same way. We’re waiting. Because winter will be coming.

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