5 Thoughts You Have When Your Kid Acts ‘Goody Goody’

If you have kids or even younger siblings, you must be familiar with running, screaming, tantrum throwing little kids, who wreck havoc everywhere. So when these kids start picking up their socks, going to bed on time and being really polite instead of taking the whole house on their head, you start to wonder what could be the reason for this calm? Maybe it’s the calm before the storm.

Here are the immediate thoughts you’d have when your little troublemaker starts acting all goody-goody!

1. Maybe they haven’t done their homework or they haven’t done too well in school.

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Particularly when the report card requires a signature of the parent.  😀


2. They must have thrown the milk you gave them to drink in the morning.

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Probably flushed it down the toilet or poured it over the plants in the garden.


3. They broke the neighbour’s window again while playing cricket.

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Cricket? What cricket? I’ve been playing badminton since Rio Olympics. *trying hard to put up an innocent face*


4. They probably bit another kid or pulled their sibling’s hair.

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Also, if both the siblings are acting strange, the hair pulling & biting is probably going to continue after dinner.


5. Or maybe they want some extra time watching Motu Patlu, Chhota Bheem or Pokemon.

Maybe it’s not something wrong they’ve done but in fact they’re being nice because they want to watch their favourite toons! In fact this brand new anthem released by Voot Kids shows a group of super cute kids turn ‘Good Goody’ to get their parents to handover their mobile phone so that they can watch their favourite toons on Voot Kids.

So maybe, turn on Voot and watch them become the ideal bachchas!

This story is brought to you in association with Voot

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