Girl Roasts Aunty Who Taunted Her For Putting On Weight, Desi Twitter Reacts

Don’t you think people around us always have to say something about our appearance? I mean, if you lose weight, they’ll be like, ‘khana nhi khati?’ If you gain weight, they’ll be like ‘khana kum khao’.

IMO, the only way to make people realize that they are body shaming us, is by giving them the taste of their own medicine.

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Recently, a girl came up with the sassiest comeback of all time when an aunty commented on how she looked. Taking to Twitter, Gemmniqua shared how she responded to her mom’s friend who thought she’d put on weight.

In her following tweet, she wrote that she was unapologetic about being the ‘bad gal’.

Here’s how people online reacted to her sassy reply.

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Well, I have taken notes and can’t wait to use this epic comeback. What about you?

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