Girl Mistook A Bride For A Real Life Princess From Her Book And The Internet Melted Down

As kids, we all have grown up reading stories about kings and queens, princes and princesses, fairies and knights…and so much more. We spent a very good part of our childhood believing that all those stories were true. That Rapunzel actually had hair that went on for meters, that Aladin actually had a flying carpet.

Imagine encountering your favourite princess while taking a stroll on a street in that situation. A similar thing happened to a little girl, who happened to walk by a wedding with her Mom and thought that the bride was a real life princess from her favourite book, which she was actually carrying at that time.

1. The wedding photographer, Stephanie Cristalli, was clicking some pictures of the couple at that moment so she happened to capture this amazing moment too.


2. The girl couldn’t believe that she actually met her favourite princess.


3. Look at the wonder and gleam in her eyes.


4. She even got a rose from the bride’s wedding bouquet.


5. She didn’t have to go to the Disneyland to meet her princess!


6. Look at the beautiful bride. Even I would have mistaken her for a princess. She looks so gorgeous.


7. “Your wife is forever the Princess of Ballard to her,” the little girl’s mom told the groom, Scott Robertson.

A child’s mind is so pure. Race, religion, and boundaries don’t stand in their way of admiring someone for their qualities. We wish this little munchkin all the best for her life and hope she never changes.

Also, a very happy married life to the bride and groom.

Image Source: Imgur

h/t: Boredpanda