Forget Girl & Boy Math, Desis Are Sharing ‘Brown Math’ Posts & It’s Relatable AF

So, a barrage of ‘girl math’ and ‘boy math’ posts have taken over social media which are relatable to the bone. However, as people who have grown up in an Indian household, we know that there are certain things that only brown people across the globe do that only make sense to us. Which is why, people online have taken the girl-math boy-math trend, tossed it aside, and introduced their own ‘brown math’ trend.


Here’s the thing, There are a lot of behavioral patterns that are typical brown-people characteristics. You’d be able to realize that and probably have a good laugh once you read the below brown math posts that scream ‘Indian’ and ‘middle class’. Have a look:

Honestly, the post about not being able to have fun two consecutive days in a row screamed out to me! 😛

Which one of these could you relate to the most? Share with us!

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