Delhi Boy Studies On Footpath, Sells Hairbands To Support Family, Internet Comes To Help

Privileged individuals have the power to make a positive difference in the lives of those who have fewer opportunities. They can help by supporting education, healthcare, and job training programs for those who are less fortunate. For example, in the age of social media, if a person has a couple of thousand followers online and they put up a post or a video about an underprivileged person, then who knows? Several others can come forward and help that person. This has happened multiple times before.

A photographer from Delhi named Harpreet Singh posted a video of a boy seriously studying on the footpath near Kamla Nagar Market. The name of the boy is Pawan and he sells hairbands on the roadside to help his family financially. His father works in Kolkata and he says that he cannot study at home because he doesn’t get the time.

While Harpreet tries to strike up a conversation with him, the boy continues to be dedicated to his studies. It’s remarkable to see how he continues to write in his notebook and read through the pages of his book and not get distracted.

“Saw this little guy studying on footpath near Kamla Nagar Market and upon asking he informed me that he supports his family while his father is away in Kolkata. I loved the dedication and took some shots,” wrote Harpreet.

Here’s a look at the video:


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Several people online lauded the boy’s dedication and were inspired by his hard work but there were many who wanted to support the boy financially and sponsor his education. Here’s a look at some of the responses:

We hope that Pawan gets the necessary help he needs!

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