8-YO Puts Dad Up For Sale For ₹2 Lakh After They Have A Minor Disagreement

When I was younger and I had a fight with my parents, the best way I knew to show them how angry I was feeling was by not talking to them for as long as I could. I could never really give them the cold shoulder, talk back disrespectfully or behave badly…because I was scared of them. But kids nowadays have a more friendly relationship with their parents. They can joke around and play pranks on their parents, something not many of us could do back in the day. Here’s an example.

A guy took to social media to share how his 8-year-old daughter put him up for sale for Rs 2 lakh after they had a minor disagreement. She wrote “Father for sale on Rs 2,00,000 ring bell for more info” on a piece of paper and left it hanging on the apartment door!

Have a look at the dad’s post here:

People online were left amused by the little one’s wicked sense of humour. Some parents even thought that their kids wouldn’t let them go as easy as this. 😛

Here’s how some of them reacted:

Kids nowadays are honestly so cool! 😀

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