9 Differences Between Having Crushes As Teenagers And Having Crushes Now

Adolescence is a bitch. And the proof of this statement is just a flashback away. Close your eyes, and think about what you were like when you were a teenager. Fun, isn’t it? Worse than anything you did during that magical time, the one thing that’ll stand out is how you were around people you had a crush on. And compared to that, your life now is better-you actually know how to act around people you like. That’s probably the only reason to be glad you’re an adult.

Here are 9 differences between your behaviour around your crush when you were young, and now.

1. Then- You’d dream of getting married to your crush, and have an elaborate wedding

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Now- You’re too busy loathing yourself for not being as perfect as them to even think about being with them

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Hello, self-doubt. It’s nice to meet you.


2. Then- Stalking included knowing exactly what bus/rickshaw they took to and from school

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And what time they reached school. You could beat the CBI.


Now- Stalking includes looking at their pictures all over social media, and then stalking the people they have taken pictures with

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“Who is he hugging?” *stalks the hell out the girl’s profile*


3. Then- You never even dreamed of telling your crush that you liked them

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Now- You can’t wait to confess your feelings to them

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You gather your courage from unknown places to make that happen.


4. Then- You used to run away from your crush when you saw them anywhere near you

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Why would I go up and talk to my crush? Only idiots would do that.


Now- You try and flirt with them as subtly as you can

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Flirting well is optional, though.


5. Then- You saved chocolate wrappers, papers, or anything they physically gave you, and you’d swoon over it for eternity

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*Saves tissue that he used to wipe his sweaty face*


Now- You screenshot conversations you have had with them, especially if they mentioned something remotely cute

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AND send it to your friends.


6. Then- Getting their phone number was like winning a jackpot

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This is her HOME number, dude. Like, her LANDLINE number.


Now- Successfully asking them out on a social gathering, hoping for them to make it is a big deal

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*Throws party solely to invite him because you want to meet him outside work*


7. Then- If, at all, you wanted to confess your love to your crush, you’d do it via (crappy) letters

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With stuff written and drawn in glitter pens (remember glitter pens? They were everything).


Now- Whatsapp ki jai ho

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At least you don’t have to face them while you confess your love.


8. Then- Writing their name all over your belongings seemed like the only way to vent out your feelings for them

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And because of that, you had become exceptionally good with hiding your notebooks from your parents-especially the last page.


Now- Honestly, too mature for that stuff. Just drooling over your laptop looking at their pictures on FB is enough

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*Wipes drool off laptop and face*


9. Then- Even the dumbest conversation with them would make you want to fly

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OMG I think he smiled at me a little bit. He loves me. I knew it.


 Now- One dumb conversation can make you want to re-think your entire existence, and subsequently, your attraction towards them

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You suddenly can’t think of reasons why you liked them in the first place. Sigh.

But, no matter how far along we’ve come, the one thing we can’t ignore is how having a crush makes our world go round. There’s no feeling like it.

Here’s to more self-loathing. Here’s to having more crushes. 😀

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