Chennai Woman Eats Once A Day So She Can Feed Her 13 Pet Dogs Amid Lockdown

With the lockdown bringing different sets of problems for each one of us, let us not forget another group of beings who are also suffering during this time – stray dogs. Since not a lot of people are heading outdoors, these dogs are having trouble finding food since the ‘hoomans’ are unable to provide them with much. However, some kind-hearted people put these animal’s need ahead of theirs.

One such person is Meena, a 39-year-old woman living in Chennai who eats just once a day and saves the rest of the food to feed her 13 pet dogs, reports TOI.

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Meena works as a house-maid, is unmarried, and has been living with dogs in her 2-room house for the past 21 years.

When the lockdown was announced, she knew she needed to stock up on food for the dogs. She asked for an advance from families for whom she had been working for since long. Luckily, 2 families gave her 2-months advance salary. She then managed to stock up on rice and Pedigree.

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She is someone who had dedicated her life to her dogs because it makes her feel connected with God.

“I am not very fond of food. Whatever I get I share with my dogs. But now I must be a little careful. I eat once a day and I save the rest for my dogs.”

Speaking to TOI, Meena revealed how she didn’t get married because she didn’t want a man coming in between her and the dogs.

“I used to feed a lot of dogs outside as well. But now it is becoming difficult for me to feed them every day. Some dogs come to my house searching for me but my ‘guys’ (her dogs) won’t let them in!”

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A few NGOs helped her by providing her with food for the dogs. However, she is worried how long it will last and hopes for the lockdown to end soon.

It is a great deed to take care of those who are voiceless, and an even greater one to put their well-being ahead of anything else!