Video Of Cat With A ‘Drinking Problem’ Goes Viral, Sparks Hilarious Reactions

All those memes about cats thinking themselves the ultimate God while humans are meant for their everlasting service are right – cat persons can vouch.

For all those who have cats can totally relate when I say you don’t own the cat, the cat owns you. Every day with them is filled with unexpected actions – some days the cat will purr when you scratch his neck, other days he will scratch back (blood spilling-ly hard) for doing the exact same thing; some days he will run away from even the very sight of water, other days he’ll draw himself a bath at the sink.

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You might think that they are hydrophobic, but you also think that your cat loves you so you might just be wrong.

A hilarious video was shared by a user on Twitter of her cat having a “drinking problem”. Captioned, β€œmy son is really bad at drinking water,” the video shows her cat Dine struggling to drink water from a tap!

As soon as the video went viral, several other cat-moms shared videos of their ‘kids’ having the same problem and they will make you go ROLF!

A wise person once saidΒ “A cat is an example of sophistication minus civilization”, now you know what they were talking about!