Bengaluru Cardiologist Reacts To Narayana Murthy’s ’70-Hours Work Week’ Advice

Infosys founder Narayana Murthy recently went on record to state that the youngsters of today should work 70 hours a week if they want India to match up to other countries in terms of development, like China. He claimed that India’s productivity rate is one of the lowest in the world and gave the example of Germany and Japan and how professionals worked extra hours for a couple of years following World War 2 to be able to make up for the time and resources lost.

However, Dr Deepika Kishnamurthy who is a Senior Interventional Cardiologist at Sakra World Hospital, Bengaluru, responded to Narayana Murthy’s claims and said that working 12 hours a day, 6 days a week (considering Sunday is the day off) will leave a person no time for family, have a social life or spare them the time to exercise. Besides work, if they sleep for at least 6 hours, then they would have 4 hours remaining – which is very little to complete other tasks for the day. He went on to highlight that this is one of the reasons why many young people are getting heart attacks nowadays.

Dr Deepak Krishnamurthy on X

“24 hours per day (as far as I know) If you work 6 days a week – 12h per day. Remaining 12h 8 hours sleep 4 hours remain. In a city like Bengaluru 2 hours on road 2 hours remain – Brush, poop, bathe, eat. No time to socialise. No time to talk to family. No time to exercise. No time for recreation. Not to mention companies expect people to answer emails and calls after work hours also. Then wonder why young people are getting heart attacks?!”

Have a look at his post here:

Dr Krishnamurthy further went on to address questions posed by other people on social media. He said that instead of urging people to work such long hours, organizations should hire more people.

He also said that doctors being asked to work “inhuman schedules” is wrong too.

Many others agreed with what he was trying to say. Research has shown that working long hours every day leads to stress, anxiety, high blood pressure, and various cardiovascular issues. It also leads to a person having poor work-life balance and it further has a negative impact on productivity.

While some might be more resilient than others, working 70 hours a week is generally not sustainable in the long term and can have serious consequences on one’s mental and physical health.

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