Twitter Slams People Buying Pets That Can’t Handle Indian Climate, Urges Them To Adopt

A lot of families nowadays have pet dogs. Some of them are indies while others are Siberian Huskies, St.Bernards and Pugs. Recently the topic of breed preference, the unsuitability of certain breeds in India’s tropical climate, and the discussion over buying vs. adopting pets was initiated on Twitter with this tweet.

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A lot of people said that huskies are native to Siberia with colder temperatures and can’t tolerate the heat here. They urged everyone to adopt rather than shop when it came to pets.

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They shared photos of their own adopted pets. Take a look:

However, some people said that it was alright as long as the pet owner was willing to take on the responsibility. Someone also added that they weren’t able to adopt a cat even though they wanted to.

What’s your take on the matter? Tell us.

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