Bengaluru Family Asks Neighbour To Not Park In Their Spot With Respectful Note, Delhiites React

India is such a diverse country with a vast number of cultures that different communities have different ways of solving a problem. If a problem were to arise, people from Delhi will respond with anger, those from Kerala will discuss things like adults, those from Bengal will probably eat mishti and forget about it…so on and so forth.


Similarly, most people in Bengaluru are very civil when it comes to solving a problem. Their first response is respectful conversation.

For example, a family living in Kormangala in Bengaluru very politely left a note for their neighbours asking them to not park their car on their spot.

“Hi, please don’t park your car here!! We had already requested you not to do so earlier. Please understand that we have been living in this area since the year 2000, and own 2 cars. Hence, we need a good amount of parking space. Please go back to your earlier parking spot. Let’s be good and supportive neighbours,” the note read.

A picture of the note was shared on Twitter by a guy named Subhasis Das. Here’s what he wrote:

However, several people from places like Gurgaon, Noida and Delhi hilariously responded to the tweet by sharing how typical North Indians would react to a similar situation. While some would deflate the tires, others would straight up break the windows!

Have a look:

Well, it’s good to see that at least some people are civil in this world! 😛

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