An Asshole Was Harassing A Girl On Facebook. Her Reply Is Worth An Applause.

Lewd messages on Facebook have become a common phenomena now, and we girls have learnt to ignore them perfectly. What we do not realize is that we are being sexually harassed and we voluntarily choose to neglect that. But one girl tried to make a difference and succeeded.

Prerna Pratham Singh, a student from Delhi received an indecent message from a married man on Facebook and this is what she did:

[cjtoolbox name=’FB Asshole’ ] [/cjtoolbox]


Sometime after Prerna updated her status and it started going viral, the alleged bully updated his status saying that his account was hacked and it was not him sending those messages. Although, Prerna confirmed that he was pestering her since many days.



Even the police appreciated Prerna’s initiative and offered full support and assistance.



People on social media showed tremendous support for Prerna and the bully’s inbox was flooded with messages like these, to which he offered the same excuse.



Prerna will be filing an FIR against the bully soon. We extend our support as well and encourage every other girl to get up and take severe step against any such person.

Well done Prerna! ūüôā

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