‘Bald & Beautiful’ Anupam Kher Shares Video Of Meeting A Roadside Seller On His Birthday

In Mumbai, roadside sellers make the city streets lively with the colourful items and tasty food that they sell. Every time you stop at a signal, there will be a couple of roadside sellers who will approach you and you can smell delicious snacks and see bright clothes and little things they sell. Amidst the honking traffic, the energy and smiles of these sellers are enough to cheer you up.

One such roadside seller in Mumbai is a man named Raju who has an infectious smile and sparkling eyes. He sells combs for Rs 20 each and goes about his day with such positive energy!

Actor Anupam Kher recently shared a wholesome video of an encounter with him. That day also happened to be Raju’s birthday. Despite Anupam Kher being bald, he bought a comb from him to add an extra smile to his day.

“Raju sells combs (कंघी) on the streets of Mumbai! I will never have a reason to buy a comb. But it was his birthday. And he felt if I buy one it will be a good beginning for him. I was sure he had seen better days in life. His smile was infectious and inspirational! If you ever see him please buy his combs. Doesn’t matter if you have hair or not! He will brighten your day with his simple persona!” he wrote.

Have a look at the video here:


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Several people online couldn’t get over how adorable Raju is and showered immense love on him. Here’s how some of them reacted:

Kudos to people like Raju for keeping the spirit of Mumbai alive! 🙂

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