Instead Of Car, Former Cricketer Anil Kumble Takes The Bus From Bengaluru Airport

Every day, probably hundreds of people arrive in Bengaluru via flight. Out of them, several complain about the amount of money it takes to reach certain points in the city via a cab. People who frequently take cabs from the airport in Bengaluru know how exorbitant the fares are. However, such people are always reminded of the fact that they have a much cheaper alternative option – the BMTC bus.

Former Indian cricketer Anil Kumble too took the BMTC bus from Bengaluru airport on Monday because of the ongoing transport strike in the city. If a former Indian cricketer can take the bus, the aam janta can too!

Several people agreed that taking a BMTC bus is a better option than spending nearly a thousand rupees one-way on a cab. They lauded him for setting a good example. Have a look at some of the reactions here:

May the BMTC buses get their due recognition! 😀

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