19 Years After Abhijeet Sawant Won Indian Idol, Amit Sana Claims Competition Was Rigged

Back in 2004, India was left divided by two very talented singers – Abhijeet Sawant and Amit Sana. While one half of the country was cheering for Abhijeet, the other half was fiercely supporting Amit Sana. Even to this day, people have this debate where they argue who was the better singer in Indian Idol.

Abhijeet Sawant and Amit Sana made it to the finals of Indian Idol season 1 and it was Abhijeet who had won the competition. A lot of people might say that Amit Sana deserved to win the title but we cannot disagree that the competition was cut-throat. However, after 19 years, Amit Sana has come up with some shocking allegations regarding Abhijeet’s win in the finals.

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According to Outlook, Amit Sana alleged that there was this one episode where Shilpa Shetty complimented Abhijeet’s smile and that was like the turning point in the show.

“A lot of things changed after that. He was taken seriously after that,” he said.

He further accused the channel of blocking his voting lines and that it was standing in Abhijeet’s favour.

“My voting lines got blocked out two days before the last day. It doesn’t get blocked on its own,” he added.

“A lot of people say that there was some political influence involved during that period of time but that’s all just hearsay. I haven’t researched it on my own,” he went on to say.

However, Abhijeet Sawant has responded to these allegations and dismissed them. Calling Amit “naive”, he said, “I have been to many competitions. There are several reasons why you lose a competition. It is not just one thing. He should not forget that he was the runner-up. It wasn’t like we both were the only talented boys in the show, there were several other talented people in that competition,” Indian Express quoted him saying.

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“I feel, his people have conveyed such allegations to him and it can be sentimental also. It can be their own opinion also. The entire India was voting for us. How is it possible that one of us was getting votes and the other one wasn’t? Indian Idol 1 was also being monitored by the international team. I remember they used to be there on sets all the time,” Abhijeet went on to claim.

What do you think about Amit Sana’s accusations?

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