Abhishek Bachchan Says Aishwarya Does All The ‘Heavy Lifting’ At Home So He Can Go Out & Work

In an ideal world, a relationship would be 50-50. But in reality, a relationship, especially marriage, is never 50-50. Sometimes, it is 60-40, other times it is 80-20. Sometimes one partner has to sit back to help the other proceed in life. Other times, one partner asks the other to hold the fort at home while they are out accomplishing other things.

The same seems to be the case with Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. They have a daughter, Aaradhya, who will turn 13 in November. She is on the brink of her teenage years and we all know how rebellious and hard-to-handle teenagers can get.

In an interview, Abhishek Bachchan was asked for parenting tips and how he handles his teenage daughter. To this, he responded by giving all the credit to Aishwarya and said that she allows him to work while she handles Aaradhya.

“I have to put a caveat here – I do not do the heavy lifting at home. That is entirely done by my wife. She allows me to go and do my work. The point is, do not try and deal with it. I do not think the new generation has a sense of hierarchy. That was something we were brought up with,” Indian Express quoted him saying.

However, he added that kids nowadays are living in the era of information and technology and hence, they are far more informed than kids in their previous generation. So the solution is to not fight them but to just answer their questions.

“They are inquisitive… they are like ‘Why? Why should I just listen to you because you are my mother?’ They are far more informed, they are born into this era of information and technology. (So my advice is just) answer their questions.”

Do you agree with what Abhishek has to say here?

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