Amid ‘Animal’ Backlash, Aamir Khan’s Video Talking About Violence & Sex In Films Hits Hard

When we watch a film that has the ability to deeply impact us, we want to look and behave like the characters shown on screen and want to do what they do in the film. When ‘Jab We Met’ was released, thousands of Indian women and girls started dressing like Geet. Fans try to mimic Shahrukh Khan when it comes to romance. People want to dance like Hrithik. You cannot say that films cannot influence impressionable minds. They perfectly can. And that is why a lot of people argue that filmmakers and actors have the moral responsibility to choose and make films that will influence society in the right way.

Currently, Sandeep Reddy Vanga’s ‘Animal’, featuring Ranbir Kapoor, Anil Kapoor, Bobby Deol and Rashmika Mandanna, has hit theatres and has created quite a stir. A lot of the reviews of the film have highlighted how unnecessarily violent the film is. There’s too much killing, too many gory details, too much blood and too much “alpha male” vibes.

Ranbir Kapoor in ‘Animal’

The film is doing impressively well at the box office while also simultaneously facing backlash for being extremely violent. Amidst all this, a very old interview of Aamir Khan has gone viral wherein he explains that a film based on violence and sex is very easy to sell to the audience because lust and violence are very easy to provoke in a human being.

He further explains that a filmmaker who isn’t very talented will always rely on these two emotions to have a hit film. But people in the industry need to realize that such films end up harming our society.

“These two emotions are most easy to provoke in a human being. Directors who are not so talented in creating a story, showing emotions, and creating situations depend heavily on violence and sex to make the film work. They think that if violence and sex are shown, it will be successful. We should keep in mind when we make a film that we don’t do something that leaves a bad impact on the new generation. I don’t say that there should be no violence in films. But it should depend on the subject and there are ways of showing it,” he says in the interview.

Have a look at the video here:

Several people online agreed with what Aamir Khan had to say and highlighted that films nowadays are “creatively bankrupt” and end up stirring public sentiments the wrong way. Have a look at some of the reactions here:

Do you agree with what Aamir has to say?

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