Real Women Talk About What Beauty And Strength Mean To Them, And It’s A Connection We’ve Been Missing

To say beauty is in the eye of the beholder is quite clichéd, but you know what? It’s also quite true. Society has always held women to superficial standards of beauty. The perfect figure, eye and hair colour, complexion, height and what not. Your body’s vital stats may be wavering on unhealthy, but boy, if your physical stats are perfect, you’re beautiful.

Take pop culture, for example, where ‘beauty with brains’ or ‘brawn over beauty’ are common concepts thrown around.

Game of Thrones‘ Brienne of Tarth is a kickass warrior, but her brute strength makes people perceive her as unladylike and not beautiful. Closer to home, in the movie Dangal, we see a female wrestler who despite her strength, struggles to fit in with society’s norms of what a beautiful women ought to look like. A woman who balances work and home must still look perfect to be called beautiful.

Bottomline? Society’s ideals for beauty are inherently flawed. Does a woman always have to choose between beauty and strength? Isn’t it time to change this dialogue?

To take a step in the right direction, a bunch of real women were asked what beauty and strength meant to them.

For some, it is their loved ones’ support. For some it’s knowledge. And for some others, it’s about being independent. Their answers may be different. But on second thought, they all seem to point to the same thing. An insight we’ve been missing out on—the ideal of beauty goes way beyond just good looks.

Real women don’t think of physical beauty as their strength. Rather, they know that their strength, both physical and mental, is what makes them beautiful.

Beauty is something that runs bone deep. A healthier woman exudes a certain glow that no outer beauty regimen can match. And that’s where Corcal Bone & Beauty supplements come in.

Today’s woman has a lot on her plate. But with all of that come health issues that might deter her, primary of which is poor bone health from calcium deficiency. And this situation only worsens with age.

Corcal calcium supplements help not just in replenishing the lost calcium in the bones, but also improve the appearance of skin, nails, hair and teeth. A healthy woman is strong, physically and mentally, and ready to take on every challenge. And that’s what makes her beautiful!

And mind you, a beauty that stems from inner health is eternal! Just ask your beautiful mothers and grandmothers, the real women, and you’ll know! Because after all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, we just need to change that beholder’s perspective!

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