Two Men Caught Fighting Over 1 Woman In Bengaluru, She Dumps Them And Leaves With A Third

Love can be complicated. It’s a minefield of emotions and as magical as it may seem during the initial days, it almost always ends with at least one heartbreak. And that’s just when only 2 individuals are involved in the narrative. The more people you add to the mix, the messier it gets. That is unless you are polyamorous. But polyamorous relationships are not something that everyone can get on board with.

One woman in Bengaluru gave a whole new meaning to complicated relationships when her extremely confusing love life came to light in front of those on the Bengaluru-Nelamangala highway.

What played out was a scene straight out of a movie as two men fought each other in the name of the woman as she stood nearby watching.

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The filmy scene played out at Bavikere Cross, a tiny village junction on NH-48 which ended up in causing a bit of a traffic block as a curious crowd gathered around to watch the festivities.

This is how the police described Shashikala’s love story:

“Shashikala tied the knot with Rangaswamy in 2000 and the marriage was over in 2010. Then, Shashikala lived with Ramesh Kumar, a supervisor at a garment factory. In 2015, she found another man, Kumar, but got separated from him in six months. Since 2017, Shashikala has been living with Chikkabadarukallu Murthy, a married man with two children.

Meanwhile Siddaraju, a cab driver in the garment factory where Shashikala worked proposed to marry her. Since Murthy was married and Siddaraju a bachelor, Shashikala decided to marry the latter. On Saturday, Shashikala was standing with Siddaraju at a bus stand when Murthy came and attacked him.”


While the men kept fighting despite efforts from passersby to intervene, the police were called in. The Nelamangala Police arrived on scene and took the three to the police station.

According to the police, Shashikala said:

“Both are my friends and are jealous of each other.”

When they asked her which of the two she wanted to marry, she said neither. If you thought the situation was already weird AF, it gets weirder. Leaving everyone stunned, by then a third man arrived at the station and the female Casanova walked off with the new man.

Even thinking about her complicated love life, gives me a headache. Here we are, struggling to make one single relationship work and this woman has got a whole roster of men fighting over her. How???!