Bengaluru Autorickshaw Driver Clearly Caught Scamming Tourist Vlogger, Thanks To His Camera

No matter where you are in India, if you are a traveller who is exploring a new place, you need to be careful about taking autorickshaws and cab rides. Because amongst honest drivers, there will always be a handful of cunning drivers who will try to cheat their way into making more money. Either their metre will be faulty or they’ll ask for double the amount for the ride.

Here is an example. A travel vlogger from Bangladesh was in Bengaluru with his girlfriend. They were on their way to Bangalore Palace via an autorickshaw. When it was time to pay the driver, the guy handed him a Rs 500 note. The driver quickly hid the note under his sleeve and swapped it with a Rs 100 note, making it seem like the vlogger only paid him Rs 100 instead of Rs 500.

The vlogger wasn’t paying much attention and when he saw the Rs 100 note on the driver’s hand, he thought he was the one who made a mistake. He took the Rs 100 note from him and gave him another Rs 500. Thanks to his camera, this entire incident was captured. He realised he was scammed when he was editing the video later.

A snippet from the video was uploaded by a user on social media who tagged Bengaluru Police and demanded action.

Here is the original video the vlogger uploaded on YouTube.

Thankfully, the police took cognisance of this and the driver was arrested by Sadashivnagar Traffic Police Station.

Incidents like this one have been happening for years and many, who have been victims of such scams, shared their experiences too. Have a look:

Be careful people. There are cheats everywhere!

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