Zucchini Turns Into ‘Jugni’ At A Ludhiana Supermarket, Desi Twitter Reacts


Have you ever gone grocery shopping on a first date? They say it can tell you a lot about your date. Like, do you both like the same snacks? How do they spend money? Their taste, level of patience, etc. And if you spot a zucchini labelled as ‘Jugni’ in the vegetable aisle and they don’t start humming the Punjabi song, do you really want a second date?

Dr. Aman Kashyap recently shared a photo with ‘Jugni’ being sold at a Ludhiana supermarket, take a look.

Some people loved the desi naamkaran because it sounded better than zucchini while others wondered why it was so much more expensive to buy in their own area.

Do you know any other vegetable names that have been desified? Tell us!

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