Zomato Asks Customers To Avoid Ordering Food In Afternoon, People Give Other Useful Suggestions

Several parts of India are experiencing record-breaking high temperatures. Following the scorching heatwave that hit Delhi with a high temperature of 52.9 degrees Celsius, Nagpur witnessed a remarkable 56 degrees Celsius recently, shattering all the previous records. According to a report by Mint, India reported nearly 25,000 suspected heat stroke cases and 56 deaths due to a heatwave from March to May.

It has become an excruciatingly painful experience for delivery executives to work amidst the scorching heat, especially during afternoon hours. As a result, food delivery company Zomato requested customers to avoid placing orders during afternoon hours unless absolutely necessary.

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Have a look at their post here:

However, a significant number of people weren’t impressed by this request by Zomato. Instead, they suggested other alternatives to the company, like shutting down their services during afternoon hours or paying delivery executives more if they work during excessive heat. Have a look at some of the suggestions here:

Do you agree with what people have to say here:

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