Artist Re-Imagined 12 Zodiac Signs As Spooky Monsters That Will Scare The Hell Out Of You!

“Monsters stuck in your head, monsters under the bed”- Ruelle

If you are a firm believer of checking your horoscope, or/and maybe flaunting your sun-sign symbol in any way, then be warned these illustrations are not for you. These

Created by Artist Shawn Coss; who made illustrations portraying mental disorders and a series of illustrations depicting seven sins on paper perfectly; this new photo series re-imagines the 12 zodiac signs as creepy monsters.

1. Capricorn

That sea goat is frightening.


2. Aquarius

More than water bearer, it’s horror-bearer.


3. Pisces

Two fishes swimming in a pool of fear.


4. Aries

That Ram is so terrifying.


5. Taurus

Can make all go panicky.


6. Gemini

Scarier twice!


7. Cancer

Do not piss that crab off!


8. Leo

A fierce lion.


9. Virgo

Holy Crap, mahn!


10. Libra

Someone please balance out the creep quotient.


11. Scorpio

This sure stings bad.


12. Sagittarius

Who thought Centaurs can scare this way?!

On a scale of creepy to super-creepy, how freaked out are you?

H/T: Bored Panda