Ziva Wanted To Give Papa Dhoni A Tight Hug During CSKvKXIP Match And It’s Too Cute To Handle

At this point there’s no denying the fact that we’ve lost our hearts to the bundle of joy that is Ziva Dhoni. Every time she has appeared in M.S. Dhoni or Sakshi’s social media pages, Ziva has literally melted the internet with her adorable shenanigans. Be it of her learning to play the piano or having a simple conversation with Virat Kohli, her cuteness is simply too hard to handle.

In addition to that, as Ziva has become a regular attender of papa Dhoni’s matches, she’s been bowling us over from the stands with every match. And after redefining the smiley face with SRK, she’s come up with the sweetest solution for Mahi’s back-ache.

In a video posted by Dhoni, Ziva is seen adamant about entering the field and giving his dad a hug. Can be she be any more lovable?

When Ziva wanted to give a hug to papa during the match

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I know we’re supposed to maintain rules but does those rules mean anything when compared to Baby Ziva’s delightful persuasion?

Of course, fans of Ziva went gaga over her love for daddy Dhoni.

1. True that.

2. She’s so cute that we’ll explode!

3. Just give her a tiny CSK jersey already.

4. Damn ninjas cutting onions.

5. The world would collectively go “aww!”

Mahendra Singh Dhoni always gives his 100% for every match and this time he braved a back injury to fight against KXIP. While he’ll need some therapy to mend his body, we are sure Ziva’s hug would fix Dhoni’s heart and get him battle-ready for the rest of the season.

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