Zerodha Founder Shares How His Father-In-Law Taught Him That We Don’t Need Much To Be Content

From a very young age, we are fed the idea that we need a fancy degree, a 6-figure salary, branded clothes, a luxury car and a big house to be happy. We place a lot of importance on ‘a lot’ of money, and not on sustenance alone. But as we grow up and acquire all the things we ever dreamt of – those expensive sneakers, high-end electronics, international makeup, a swanky apartment, etc. – we realize that the happiness derived from all those things is short-lived.

Zerodha founder Nithin Kamath took to social media to share the inspiring story of his father-in-law who taught him that a person doesn’t need much to be happy and that being content with whatever you have is the way to freedom.


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His father-in-law, Shivaji Patil, was in the Indian Army and voluntarily retired as a Havaldar after losing his fingers at the Kargil War due to frostbite. He opened a small grocery shop after that and till now keeps running it.

He is 70 years old but still chooses to ride his scooter and go to the market to buy vegetables. He refuses to stop working despite Nithin and his wife Seema’s achievements on the work front. He sells the items in his shop for a very low-profit margin and never demands much nor complains.

Not just Kamath, many of us keep trying to find ways to live a happy and healthy life. The answer does not lie in a special kind of diet or a workout regime. Instead, there’s a very simple solution.

The story of Nithin Kamath’s father-in-law resonated with several people on social media who showered a lot of love in the comments section. Have a look:

What a simple yet powerful story!

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