Zareen Khan On Battling Financial Woes & Supporting Family After Her Dad Walked Out

B-Town actor Zareen Khan, who is a complete outsider, made a mark in the Indian film industry with her debut movie ‘Veer’ alongside Salman Khan. And soon after, she showed us her fun side when she grooved to ‘Character Dheela’ in the film ‘Ready’.

And it’s been a decade that she has been keeping us entertained with her performances. Even though she has earned a reasonable amount of name and fame in the industry, her journey wasn’t a cakewalk. In an interview, the bubbly actor shared how she had to take up the responsibility of her mother and sister at a very early age after her father walked out on them.

Hindustan Times quotes her saying, “There was that one evening that changed our lives completely. My dad had walked out on us and left us. We didn’t have any money because we didn’t come from a space of inherited wealth. There was this one night when we went to a family function and suddenly my mother broke down completely.”

“I tried calming her and explained that she doesn’t have to worry, I’ll take care of everything. Ab maine bol toh diya tha (I said it) but here I was, with over 100 kilos not knowing what I want to do.”

The ‘Housefull 2’ actor said that she had to take up a job right after Class 12 to fend for her family. “Then, I started a job at a call centre. My sister was still studying and I had just completed my 12th. I also wanted to get a job in an airline.”

“I lost over 52 kilos weight and I almost removed an entire person off my body. But I’m happy that today, my mother feels we have sailed through it.”

Talking about her hardships, Zareen’s mom Parveen Khan says that the time has passed and it wasn’t too difficult because she had Zareen to support her through the troubled times. “I also had my younger daughter who also has supported us through.” She added.

They say that tough times don’t last, but tough people do. And we are proud of you Zareen for overcoming your challenges and coming out victorious. More power to you.