Zareen Khan On B-town Casting Couch, A Director Asked Her To Rehearse Kissing Scene


The successful #MeToo movement in the West gave courage to several people to open up about their ordeal in the entertainment industry. The wave that began with Tanushree Dutta’s accusation onΒ Nana Patekar gave many women the strength to raise their voice against their oppressors.

Recently, Zareen Khan spilled the beans about the early days of her career and recalled a horrible casting couch experience. The actress who made her debut with Salman Khan’s Veer shared that once, a director asked her to rehearse a kissing scene.

“The person is like, β€˜you have to let go of your inhibitions, you have to let go of inhibitions,’ and that time I was relatively very new,” Zareen said.

She, however, declined to do so, reports Hindustan Times. β€œWhat? I am not doing any kissing scene as a rehearsal,” she recalled telling the director.

Recounting other such experiences in the industry, Zareen said that once she had established herself in the industry, another person offered to “specifically look into the projects she’s getting” if she agrees to be “more than just friends”.

The actress shared that her self respect is of utmost importance to her and also said that even if would have agreed to do so there was no guarantee that the person would have helped her.

Talking about constant comparisons made between her and Katrina Kaif over their similar looks, she said that initially there was an awkwardness between both of them regarding the same.

She was recently body-shamed on social media. Zareen slammed the trolls like a boss and posted another picture with a caption from Paul Weller’s motivational song Wild Wood. She wrote, “Don’t let them get you down, making you feel guilty about. Golden rain will bring you riches. All the good things you deserve and now.”

We hope she keeps fighting the trolls and bullies in the industry as always! More power to you, Zareen!

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