Zaheer Khan Gets Engaged To Sagarika And Twitter Can’t Stop Talking About Preeti Sabharwal

So, Indian Cricketer Zaheer Khan and actress Sagarika Ghatge put an end to all the speculations (more like confirmed) about seeing each other by announcing their engagement to the world. Yes, there were adorable pictures, a big diamond ring, a glass of champagne and cheeky messages involved. 

But Twitter, after the goof-up that Anil Kumble made, is all up in the arms about the fact that Preeti Sabharwal from ‘Chak De India’ (I’m sure you remember Sagarika playing the feisty hockey player), who dumped her cricketer-boyfriend on screen, is indeed marrying one off it! 


Bas phir kya… every named/unnamed entity on the Twitterverse is cracking the same joke.

1. Point to be noted!


2. No, shit Sherlock! 


3. ‘Hockey dia rakh…ke


4. ‘Kismat Konnection


5. Bhagwan ke ghar der hai, andher nahin!


6. Ab honi ko kaun tal sakta hai


7. What is life without a little drama, eh?


8. Badhai ho badhai


9. Serious concern! Also, FICTITIOUS.


10. On another (TOTALLY LEGIT) note!

Please, guys? Please? Also, congratulations to both Zaheer and Sagarika!