India, Pakistan And A Few Other Countries Come Together To Sing A Beautiful Cover Of ‘Zaalima’

There are words when you can find them and then there are songs when you can’t. And call me cuckoo in the head but words with music (and them feels) are better than just words. Any day! Yes, you may have your own pick, different than mine, but I can bet there is a playlist you play on a loop before hitting the bed.

Talking about music for the soul, Zaalima from ‘Raees’ is my playlist! And seems like there are way more takers than I thought. In a wonderful initiative, SAMAA invited people from all over the world–just like you and me (only with better sur-lay-taal)–to #singwithSAMAA outcome is too good for words. In a masterpiece mash-up of Zaalima, Afreen and Sajde Kiye Hain Lakhon, the video will tug you at all the right places and you wont even realise that you have been humming right along! Do yourself a favour and dive right into it!

P.S- I hope you have insurance because the little girl from Lahore, Pakistan will just steal your heart.