Yuvraj Singh Announces His Retirement From Cricket After Over 400 Matches, Leaves Fans Teary-Eyed!

From his phenomenal innings at the 2002 NatWest Final against England to his six sixes off a young Stuart Broad at Durban, from being the ‘Man of the Tournament’ in India’s 2011 ICC World Cup triumph to his heroics in Australia down under, Yuvraj Singh has been an incredible ambassador for the game of cricket. However, today, on 10th June 2019, the warrior bid goodbye to all forms of cricket putting an end to a marvelous career.

Speaking at a press conference in Mumbai, Yuvraj mentioned that the sport has given him everything he wanted. But finally, after a 17-year-long rollercoaster ride, it’s finally time to move on.

“I have been playing international cricket on and off for 17 years. Now, it is time to say goodbye, to move on and walk away. It has been a roller coaster ride and a great story but it has to come to an end. This is the best time to move on.”

“Only if I could articulate what Cricket has done for me, to me! But let me tell you this, Cricket has given me everything I have and it is the reason why I sit here today. Winning the 2011 World Cup, being man of the series, four MoM awards was all like a dream, which was followed with a harsh reality of getting diagnosed of Cancer.”

The southpaw who faced the deadliest bowlers in the world head on and instilled fear in their hearts, expressed his happiness to have donned the Indian shirt over 400 times. A journey that started in the early 2000s and ended in 2017 saw Yuvi represent the country in 40 Tests, 304 ODIs and 58 T20 Internationals.

“I am extremely lucky to play 400+ games for India, I for one, would have not imagined doing this when I started my career as a Cricketer. Through this journey, some matches that remain etched in my memory were the 2002 NatWest final, my first test hundred in Lahore in 2004, the 2007 ODI series in England, six sixes at the 2007 T20 World Cup, that match when we realised to have not gone beyond at 2007 50-over World Cup and then the most memorable was 2011 World Cup finals.”

The man not only defeated his opponents on the field but conquered cancer in the most epic fashion. His comeback from the hospital bed to the 22 yards was nothing but a portrayal of the true fighter the man is. His future plans include helping people with cancer through his charity, YouWeCan.

“My next focus is enabling and helping people with Cancer through my charity YouWeCan. I really want to make a difference to the society by setting example through my inspiring story. I would like to thank my family, my mother, especially, who is present here today; my loving mother who has been the pillar of strength and gave me birth twice, my loving wife who stood by me in my tough times and my close friends who get sick of me but are always there for me, everybody who I love is here today except my dad. So I think it’s a perfect day to move on thank you all the media for capturing this lovely journey. Thank you everyone and see you on the other side.”

Needless to say, the world came together on Twitter to give an emotional farewell to one of the greatest limited overs batsmen in the history of the sport.

Thank You, Yuvi. While it will take years for our country to find a suitable replacement for a champion like you, your contributions to the game of cricket will forever be unparalleled.