YouTuber Tells Women How To Dress To Bring Men To Their Knees, Twitter Slams His Sexism

Some of the most heartening moments you experience on social media are when people are held accountable for making sexist statements. Then there was the time desis called out Bollywood for stereotyping various communities and professions.

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Well, now it is YouTuber and social media influencer Ranveer Allahbadia (beer biceps) who has earned the ire of the public. It all began when he was fawning over this picture.

He then casually suggested how women should dress up to bring guys to their knees. However, his opinion that women should dress up a certain way for anyone but themselves didn’t go down well online.

People strongly reacted to his recommendation of how ladies should dress to garner attention. Many suggested that this type of ‘locker-room talk’ is plain sexism and must end. Take a look at what people said-

Some pointed out other sexist tweets by women-

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