17-YO Crashes Dad’s Supercar Worth ₹25 Cr While Filming Video, Says, “Car Is Replaceable, Not Me”


The internet has prompted people to seek validation in bizarre ways. But what’s the weirdest thing you have seen YouTubers do on their channel to increase the footfall? Burn down their cars worth Rs 2.42 crores? Or recreate songs from iconic Indian movies?

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Well, a creator recently destroyed his billionaire father’s Rs 25 crore dream car while making a YouTube video with his friend. The 17-year-old YouTuber Gauge Gillian recently made a video and explained how he met with an accident and crashed the expensive 1 of 1 Pagani Huayra Roadster car in Texas, USA.

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The video opens up with Gillian informing his viewers that he has fractured one of his arms after meeting with the tragic incident. He then appreciated the supercar and specifically mentioned that it is very powerful. He then explained how he met with the accident. Gillian has taken down the video that he was shooting while in the car.


“I was making a video with my friend Zack. So, we were leaving the house and turned to the neighborhood. But people like me who drive these cars sometimes forget how powerful these cars can be because these are hypercars.”

He further divulged, “So, I was turning out and went straight. I did accelerate but didn’t go beyond the speed liming that is 40 miles/hour but I lost control of it. I was in the middle lane and once I started accelerating, I lost control and turned left to avoid going off the bridge on the right. I think I overturned it and that’s when we hit the curve and flew into a tree.” He added that Zach Walker’s collar bone and tongue is ‘messed up’ from the accident.

Gillian also clarified that he wasn’t racing or speeding. However, he is thankful to God that he is fine now.


“Seeing the accident, it can be guessed that we could have died too, but we are lucky that nothing like this has happened. Now I only want to perform the action of God, who gave me new life,” he added. Towards the end of the video, Gillian accepted that it was his fault but said that his car is replaceable unlike him, hinting at his haters. He also added that at the spot of the accident, people were picking the broken parts of the car with an intention to sell them.

Watch his video here:

His friend Zach also shared his experience of being inside the car during the deadly crash in a video. This is where you can watch what actually happened to the expensive car:

Gillian is currently on a break from social media for a while now. Well, looking at the condition of the vehicle and the after-before pics, I am glad both the boys are alive and recovering. Hope like Gillain, we all learned a lesson from this incident-nazar hati, durghatna ghati!

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