People Tweet Memes Doubting Their WiFi Connection As Youtube Faces Global Outage


Let’s agree that many of us have spent a lot of time scrolling through our phones in 2020. Be it learning peculiar dance moves or cooking trendy dishes, digital platforms have become our go-to during these testing times. However, what if your beloved app stopped working? Wouldn’t you feel bored without it?

Recently, Youtube, a video-sharing platform, faced a reported worldwide outage. Many people were unable to watch videos on their devices for about an hour or so, reports News18. The outage caused panic among YouTube bingers who were unable to enjoy the videos during their leisure time. In fact, Team YouTube even took to Twitter to inform restless users that they are working on the issue.

Even though the website loaded just fine, videos were stuck on an infinite loop for many users. In the meanwhile, people kept buffering hilarious memes on social media as the video-sharing platform stopped working.

Thankfully, YouTube is up again and now I can go back to baking my banana bread. Okay, bye!

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