These Images Of A Dead Syrian Child’s Body On Turkish Shores Is Making The Internet Weep

ENOUGH. Isn’t it time for the world leaders to take action?

In recent times, 100s of people or perhaps 1000s from the Middle East have left their jobs or families behind and gone to Europe to earn a living.

Since the outbreak of the civil war, an estimated 9 million Syrians have taken refuge in neighbouring countries or within Syria itself. More than 350,000 people have arrived in Europe, mostly Syrians, fleeing war, ill-treatment and poverty or maybe just seeking a better life since January.

So while, 12 Syrians were desperately trying to reach Greece, their boat sank on a beach near Turkey. An image of one of the victims, a young boy kid, lying down on the beach has sparked an outrage over the human cost of the crisis.

The picture showed the lifeless body of the boy, wearing a red T-shirt and shorts, lying face down in the surf, washed up on a beach.

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This poor boy looked like he was sleeping the same way, aside from being in the water.

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It is believed that the boy was a part of at least 12 Syrian refugees, travelling on two boats, including five children, who tragically died while trying to reach the Greek island of Kos.

The tragic second image highlights the true extent of the migrant crisis and had gone viral on the internet where a policeman was seen carrying the body away.

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The horror of the human tragedy unfolding on the shores of Europe has led to a social media outcry after these images were shared on the social network.

No one knows how the European leaders are going to react and tackle the refugee crisis but seriously shame on the world.

I see humans everywhere. But no HUMANITY.

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