10 Reasons Why People Push Their Friends To Marry First

Marriage becomes an annoyingly fun topic of discussion when you’re in your 20’s.

Discussing marriage with family becomes annoying, because of the sanskar-and-after-marriage-life bullets that are fired like in the game of Russian roulette. But the same topic becomes the hottest topic of discussion with friends. You can openly discuss about your wildest queries and not get those dreadful judgmental looks.

But almost always, your friends would want you to get married first. Here’s why:

1. They don’t want to jump in the pool first. Who knows if the water is cold or hot? Let’s push someone else first and check

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No one wants to sit on the first bench, it’s just like that.


2. They don’t want to be the first ones to be called as the married uncle/aunty

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I am still hot and young 😉


3. Check how their own parents react to their friend’s love marriage, so that they can decide how/when to introduce their own beau

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4. To seek the assurance that the person does not get bored of going back home to the same face daily

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Let me see how it works for my friend first, then I’ll see what to do?


5. Get an idea about the money you need to spend to celebrate that one day

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Let me ask them about their financial investments for that one day and see how much do I have to save.


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6. To use their research work for wedding outfit, venue, menu etc.

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Let’s do some smart work, who will invest time in researching for this.


7. Just to prove a point that you made all those years ago that you won’t be the first one to marry

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Now who’s the one marrying first, eh?


8. In the hope of finding someone eligible in their wedding

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Ek shaadi dusre shaadi ka rasta hota hai, remember?


9. They think that they aren’t “settled” yet

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“Hey, I’m not even settled!” Actually, they are shit-scared. 😛


10. Because they want to dance and drink in the wedding instead of running behind their toddlers

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After all that’s what we did all our life, copying homework from our friend was any-day easier than doing it ourselves.

So when are you getting married?

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