Meerut School Asks Students To Get The ‘Yogi Adityanath Haircut’ Or Leave School. What?!

Ever since Yogi Adityanath came to power as the 21st Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh last month, he has received more air time than any other regional leader in the nation. From his diet plan to nap routines, many media houses uncovered Yogi’s life for the entire nation. And that’s not it, some even cracked the code behind Yogi’s iconic haircut.

And now, the same ‘Yogi haircut’ has roped in fresh controversy at a school in the western UP town of Meerut.

‘Rishabh Academy’, a school located in Meerut has allegedly issued a directive for all its students to get haircuts similar to Chief Minister, Yogi Adityanath in order to enter their premises.

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The 25-year-old school run by the Jain community had even banned students from bringing non-vegetarian food for lunch.


The diktat invited protests and criticism from parents of many students, who even accused the school management of promoting communalism in the name of a disciplinary policy.

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Ranjeet Jain, manager of the school termed the protest as a ‘conspiracy’ by a handful of parents to tarnish the image of the school.

“So what’s wrong if someone gives Yogiji’s example for keeping short hair? How does that amount to spreading the BJP’s ideology?”

Thankfully, after intervention by policemen and media persons, students were later allowed to enter the school.

This incident has yet again exposed the dire need for the central government to form a strict policy for privately-run schools around the nation. No student should get deprived of education just because of a weird rule by his/her school.

News Source: Hindustan Times

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