Kenny Sebastian Explains Hilariously How Indians Turn On “Paavam” Mode When They Go Abroad

Have you ever been to a restaurant and felt a little intimidated by the customer service because they were so nice to you that you could not believe it? I have been there and it is a nice change. In our usual restaurants and stalls, they deliberately ignore you and pass you judgemental looks if you ask for something “extra.”

So naturally when you go abroad and see such nice treatment for yourself, you have the following reactions:

  1. Awestruck – Stammer, can’t speak, gonna die
  2. Staring – Too many things to see, such pretty people, gonna die
  3. Paavam mode ON – I shouldn’t be a trouble, I am so nice, I am gonna die

In this video, Kenny Sebastian does exactly that. He holds it where is hurts and talks about a lot of things we feel when we visit abroad. Also shirtless guys. Sighs.

Check it out!