Yashraj Mukhate Has Cracked The Code Of Singing Like Mika Singh In 3 Easy Steps, Watch

Yashraj Mukhate got much-deserved recognition online when he came up with the trending ‘Rasode Mein Kaun Tha’ track back in the day. Since then, he has given us some pretty addictive and funny tracks like ‘Twada Kutta Tommy’ and ‘Pawri Ho Rai Hai’.

Well now, the music producer has cracked the code of how anyone can sing like popular Punjabi singer Mika Singh.

Mukhate posted a video wherein he shared his wisdom with the world.

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The social media sensation starts by telling people that the first step is making a peculiar ‘ananananan’ sound. Then, you have to make the same sound using your nose.

The third and final step is to sing as if you’re very drunk and you know something about someone but you don’t want to tell them.

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After explaining each step in detail, Mukhate went on to give a live demo of it too. Captioning the video, he wrote:

“He knows something but doesn’t want to tell.”


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His attention to detail and mimicry skills got people ROFL including singer Salim Merchant. Here’s how everyone reacted to this tutorial:

Now, you can unleash the Mika Singh in you and not be afraid of making any errors. LOL!

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