Yami Gautam Talks About The Time A Casting Director Asked Her To ‘Dress Her Age’

Recently, actress Yami Gautam talked about a road accident she was in during her college days which left her with a permanent internal injury. She revealed how her hectic lifestyle brings back the pain sometimes and how yoga is helping her a lot to avoid a relapse.

In another interview, she recalled how a casting director made some comments about her choice of clothes when she auditioned for a role before her debut movie ‘Vicky Donor’ released.

Hindustan Times quoted her saying,

“I remember I gave an audition for a really big production house and the person is one of the most popular casting directors. And, I had already shot Vicky Donor, but it had not released. So he told me ‘you know, your audition was really good’ so I was very happy! He was like ‘you know you have been shortlisted, but, the problem is you should dress your age. Why do you dress like that?’ I said ‘I don’t know what it means, I mean I wore jeans and a top. What is wrong with that?’ And he was like ‘you should always aim at looking younger, you are a young girl so why not dress your age?’ I was like what does it mean?”

She added,

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“There are so many things I wanted to tell that person but…like…if I suit the part, it is your and hairdresser and stylist’s job to make me look like her. Rest would be my job as an actor. How does it matter? Why can I not walk into a meeting in a kurti and jeans or a dress, if I want to? Right now, it is easy for me to talk about these things, but that time I walked out thinking ‘I know I have lost a part for sure. But what do I do about it if I do not connect with something?’ What kind of an expectation is this?”

Earlier, Nora Fatehi had also revealed how a casting director called her home and called her “talentless” which discouraged her and made her want to leave India. We’re glad that these successful women are speaking up about the bad experiences they faced and showing us that in the end, talent perseveres.

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