Woman Narrates The Worst Date Of Her Life & Sends The Internet ROFL-ing

In the 21st century, the process of dating has become comparatively easier due to the increased level of inter-connectivity. You can access a mutual friend’s information with the click of the mouse. And you can find your soulmate with a swipe on your smartphone. That said, with a wide variety of good options comes an equally wide variety of bad options.

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Now, what are the usual norm for bad dates? Poor choice in food, weird quirks, sweaty palms, smokes too much, drinks to much, unpleasant personality, right? But, in your life, have you ever heard of a date involving a funeral? Well, congrats, because you’re in for a ride.

Twitter user @itssraych asked her friend, Bridget, about the worst date she ever had. And just like us, she was expecting a standard answer. But boy did things take a turn in her story with every message she sent.

Horror fans might’ve thought that this date was going to veer into the occult-sacrifice territory. But, nope, it gets way worse than that.

Did you see that coming?

Netizens who saw the story unfold before their eyes were absolutely baffled and hailed it as the best tweet of 2018.

Hot tip: it’s better to let your parents know that you’ve broken up, instead of taking your unsuspecting date to a funeral. Trust me.

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