Women Reveal The Worst Advice That’s Been Given To Them By Other Women

As women, many of us come across unsolicited advice from our family, friends, and pados wali aunties on how to live our lives. Things like getting married early, having kids completes a woman’s life, not being too career driver because guys don’t like that, etc. are often said to us, reminding us of our so-called ‘place’ in society.

Women online have been discussing the various things they were told by fellow women which can be considered as the worst advice ever. And these are some things I’m sure many of us women have been told.

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For example, being told to dress pretty and maintain yourself well otherwise the husband will run away.

Or being told how babies can fix a breaking relationship.

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If I had a penny for every time I was told to get a boyfriend…

And the age-old cover-up for some men’s toxic behavior against women.

What’s with society’s obsession with having a thin body?

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If you notice, most of this advice caters to what a man needs.

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How many times have women been told to just stick it out?

“Shaadi ke baad jo marzi kar lena.”

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On the other hand, many women have been told to beware of all men.

Have you ever been given such bizarre advice? Tell us.

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