World’s Richest Family Earns ₹50 Lakh Every Minute! Ambanis Place No.9 On The List

We all are aware that clans behind some of the biggest brands around the world are minting more money by the minute than many of us see in a year! If you’re thinking closer to home, Ambanis are India’s richest family and time and again, they’ve surprised us with their Richie-rich shenanigans. Right from bringing one the biggest jewelry brand on the planet to India to inviting Beyonce to perform at the wedding, their swag is no secret!

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Well, the Ambanis stand on 9th position with a total wealth of $50.4 billion (Rs. 5040 crores approx) on the list of World’s Richest Families 2019 issued by Bloomberg. If you thought their income was crazy, just wait. The numbers of the daily earnings of the richest families around the world that have come in and they’re quite mind-boggling!

On the top of the list stands the household behind the world’s biggest supermarket Walmart! The fortunes of Waltons have been growing for years with an earning of $70,000 (Rs. 49,87,675) per minute that is equivalent to $100 million per day.

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According to the report, the top 25 wealthiest dynasties on Earth control $1.4 trillion(100 trillion rupees). The figures suggest that this is $250 billion more wealth compared to last year.

Apart from Waltons, another American family that features on the list is the Mars family. Those who love chocolates will know them as the manufacturers of Snickers and Mars Bars.

Other names on the list include the people behind brands like Ferrero, BMW and Hyatt Hotels. A remarkable addition to the list this year is the royal family of Saudi with The House of Saud worth a whopping $100 billion (Rs 10000 crores).

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Have a glass of water and let that sink in. Sheesh, I’m pitying my pockets already!

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