A Look Into The World’s Most Expensive Biryani Which Costs ₹20,000 A Plate!

A biryani lover…no, wait…a TRUE biryani lover is always on the hunt for the tastiest biryani in the world. Now, in India itself, we have a variety of biryani from North to South, and one plate is never the same as the other. Now, if you are a biryani lover in India, probably nothing can beat a plate of Kolkata or Hyderabadi biryani for you. And they cost approximately Rs 250 a plate. So, what extra special does the world’s most expensive biryani have?

Meet Royal Gold Biryani. This beauty is sold in Bombay Borough, a luxury hotel in Dubai, and costs Dh 1,000 which is approximately Rs 20,000, reports TOI.

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What makes it super expensive? Well, it’s not just a plate of wonderfully flavoured saffron rice with a large piece of succulent meat and a potato. It’s a plate of multiple things.

First, the base of the plate is covered with 3 different kinds of rice – biryani rice, keema rice, and white rice with saffron rice on top. The rice itself weighs 3 kgs!

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Then come the baby potatoes and boiled eggs, which are placed on top of the rice.

Now it’s time for the meat! There are 3 different kinds of chicken kebab that are placed on the plate – malai chicken, Rajputana murg sula, and chicken meatballs. However, that’s not it.

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The plate also comes with huge pieces of lamb chops and lamb sheekh kebab.

The plate is then garnished with mint leaves, cashew nuts, pomegranates, and fried onions. It takes 45 minutes to plate this entire dish.

And now comes the bazinga! It isn’t Dubai without a hint of gold, now is it? Sheets of gold are made to stick on the meat pieces, giving it a very fancy, exquisite, and Dubai-like look.

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It also comes with a few sides – nihari salan, Jodhpuri salan, badami sauce topped with almonds and pistachios, and pomegranate raita.

Here’s a video showing the dish. Have a look:

While there were several people online who thought that the Royal Gold Biryani looked beautiful and appetising, there were many who came forward to defend the honour of what they called “real biryani”.

Do you think the Royal Gold Biryani is worth the price? Tell us! *meanwhile goes to a local eatery, eats a plate of hot biryani and sleeps in peace*

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