20-Year-Olds From UP Made A 332 Kg Samosa And Entered Guinness Book of World Records!

I’m a samosa connoisseur. Period.

For me, those are little packets of heaven. The crispy crust with the delicious aaloo filling can instantly make your day if they are fried to perfection!

A group of ten people from Gorakhpur have prepared a samosa weighing a whopping 332 kgs and have found a coveted spot in Guinness Book of World Records.

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The world’s largest samosa was prepared at Gopal Nagar colony of Maharajganj district.

The group was led by a young chap, Ritesh Soni, who is just 20-years-old. The people approached the Guinness Book Committee to get their achievement verified.


Ritesh Soni owns a very small roadside restaurant in Gopal Nagar and he drew inspiration from the other group from the district who made the world’s largest jalebi.

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Here’s what he said:

Last year, a group in Katharia Bazar made world largest jalebi and now it is in the Guinness Book. Like them, we also want to make our town famous through our feat.


Ritesh and his group have been preparing this samosa for 15 days and they spent around Rs 40,000/- for the preparations – 90 liters for refined oil, 1.75 quintal wheat flour, and 2 quintal potatoes.

The radius of the samosa is 36 inches and it’s 3 meters high.

The group gathered around Rs 30,000/- and the rest of the money was fetched from donations.


Bradford College of England has a record of making an 110-kg heavy samosa. Ritesh Soni and his team’s samosa is three times the size of that!

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Through this feat, Ritesh wants people to know about his village which is still battling the issues of literacy, poverty and electricity problems.

You can watch this video to see the hard work that went into the making of this huge samosa:

Apart from feeling good about their achievement, all my mind can think about is the biggest samosa!

The staggering supersized samosa is making my mouth water! What about you?

Source: The Times Of India 

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