People Reveal Questionable Practices In Their Profession That Most Of Us Are Oblivious Of


Let’s be honest! Everyone has a few dark secrets of their profession that are perfectly concealed behind those forced smiles and are spilled out on the secret WhatsApp group made especially to vent out your workplace frustration.

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Hence, to dig up the dirt, a Reddit user decided to ask everyone the dark secret/questionable practice in their profession. And guess what, thousands of people flooded his post with their mindboggling workplace secrets. Here are a few handpicked for you.

Mouldy pizza? Ewww….

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Ahem ahem.. Even radiologists have their secrets!

Remember the long staff room talks?

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Here’s a secret by a customer service executive.

Bloody spam emails. We knew it!

A lot of us might have experienced this at an airport.

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Here’s a worker at a pharmacy.

‘Fresh from the oven’ is a lie.

Here’s a retail worker.

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Read this before you give your car for servicing.

IT guys, arrgghh!

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So, there’s no deep cleaning happening at supermarkets?

Better to have a drink without ice.

Don’t mess with our food, guys.

Here’s an engineer, spilling his secret.

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Hear it from a musician.

“Many hotels often sell rooms multiple times.”

You are probably a code 16 for a theme park employee.

Well, clearly some jobs aren’t exactly how we have expected them to be. Thanks, guys, for this wonderful eye-opening session.

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