I’m A Working Woman And Mother Of 2, This Is How Bosch Top Load Saves My Day Everyday

My mother was a homemaker. She was a teacher, a brilliant chef and then an entrepreneur. I’ve seen her do the household chores ever since I was a baby. She would run around the house, with me in tow, to turn off the stove or to clean the house or just other things you do.

But my most vivid memory of her is that of doing laundry. I’ve seen her stretch herself thin while doing the laundry for all of us.

You see, I’m talking about household chores more than two decades ago. And laundry was a big hassle back then.

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My mother would wash the clothes with her hands and they would often become rough owing to the hard soap we’d use. I even remember complaining about it. After several years, washing machine came into the market and I thought we’re finally out of our misery.

I was so wrong.

Not only did the machine make an awful lot of noise, it also did not give our clothes the care it needed. The hard wash would tear my soft clothes and dirty stains would always be there even after a rigorous machine wash.

Mum, and eventually I, was so annoyed with it all – the noise, the unclean laundry, the hassle of using all those buttons, drying clothes out of the house – all of it.

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I had decided then, that when I grow up and start a family, and the basket of laundry responsibility falls on my head, I will not go through this ordeal. I’d rather give it out to dhobi uncle than do it myself.

But things changed, mostly for the better. For one, technology became better. And with it, came better washing machines. I needed a machine that gave me a solution for every problem I had with old machines and doing my laundry. That is:

1. Care for everyday wear.

I can’t let me or my family’s clothes wither away because it’s practically impossible to keep shopping for new clothes for four people every month. A machine that would care for my family’s everyday wear is what I was looking for.

2. Silent but fast.

I can’t have noisy washing machines because it’s annoying and I have kids at home. Moreover, I know how irritating it was to me when I had to wake up every morning to a washing machine growling in the house. So definitely needed a silent one for me.

3. Easy closing lid.

There is no way I can struggle with the lid every single day. I wanted a quick-open-quick-shut kind of a lid to my washing machine to save the physical exertion.

4. Easy to use – not too many buttons.

Owing to the work commitments, I really cannot devote a lot of my time to washing clothes for four people. Neither can I spend time struggling types of wash and the kind of care machines come with. So an easy-to-use washing machine with just the basic buttons? Yep, I’d pick that.

5. An efficient motor.

A technologically advanced, sound and efficient motor is the need of the hour for a good washing machine. What’s the point if I have everything else that I need and then the motor ruins it all? So the motor has to be powerful and good.

You would think that the demands I’m making are completely unreasonable and silly, right? Well, you’re so wrong. I found my perfect choice – Bosch Top Load Washing Machine.

My life is so much simpler and more sorted. It gives all our clothes the extra care it needs, it is noiseless and it is super efficient.

The powerful, durable and efficient VarioInverter motor provides optimum washing care and the PowerWave Wash System ensures the best wash without compromising (I mean, ruining) the clothes.

It’s not even time consuming – a simple one-button start and you’re good to go! So my husband and I are never late for work and our kids wear speckless clothes to school. Win-Win!

Really, Bosch’s Top Load Washing Machine is a life saver. Not only does it save my time and energy, along with my lovely clothes, it also saved me from everything that I was scared of about laundry.

Here’s an accurate representation of what it feels like to have Top Load washing machine in my house.

The best thing about it? My family absolutely adores me for the amazing laundry I do for them and I secretly thank Bosch Top Load every day. 😉

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