From Toilets To Treadmills, Quarantined Millennials Tweet Pics Of Work From Home Desks

People all around the globe are socially distancing themselves as a precaution against the novel coronavirus. The deadly outbreak, which has already claimed several lives, has resulted in several office-goers working from home. And while doing so people have come up with creative ways to do their job efficiently.

As most of us work on our laptops throughout the day, many people shared their innovative desk arrangements for their quarantine life. From a dustbin desk to a treadmill one, people are using peculiar things to build their makeshift office.

  1. Now we know what a car spoiler can be actually used for:

2. Well, you get your best ideas in the toilet, don’t you?

3. Staying hydrated is important:

4. Don’t drink and work:

5. Umm, dirty business?

6. Working it out people:

7. Keeping it crisp:

8. Well, food first:

9. How are you even working?

10. Cuteness overload:

Well, we certainly admire people’s creativity and dedication towards their job even during such difficult times.

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